Online lending for institutions

For institutional investors

A centralised portfolio management system specifically designed for online loans

Single Interface

Manage your loan portfolio across platforms from a single software.

Risk management

Exposure and performance analysis.

Enhanced Diversification

Data consolidation from different loan originators.

Automate Investments

Input tailored credit strategies for automated capital deployment

High-speed order execution

Orders processed within milliseconds.

Centralised Reporting

Daily/monthly reports of loans acquisition.

For originators

Expose your lending platform to a variety of institutional investors

A Single Integration

A simple one-time connection.

Increased Efficiency

Our platform facilitates capital distribution for your clients.

Enhanced Exposure

Visibility to potential investors via our platforms directory.

Meet the alternative finance ecosystem


Lendery is the organiser of "CrowdTuesday London", a bi-monthly event gathering alternative lenders and crowdfunding platforms as well as other market participants in a casual atmosphere.

This event was designed by the European Crowdfunding Network and also takes place in Paris, Bruxelles, Milan, Amsterdam, Vienna and more European cities.